A Quiet Place to Rest


A Quiet Place to Rest

     “Good morning!” he said as I shuffled out into the living room. Peering out the window through bleary eyes, I could see that the sun was only just starting to breach the horizon. I opened my mouth to respond, but nothing came out, my wits still slowly condensing out of the mist of sleep. “Did you like the drum solo I wrote to commemorate our first night together as roommates?” he asked.
     I took a deep breath and wondered if another body would fit in the chest I had buried in the park.


Porpoise Problems


Porpoise Problems is just under 800 words. It is a piece of fiction about a girl and her solution to a problem she had with her personal pod of porpoises.

As always, click the link below to download the appropriate file type. Please feel free to let me know with any comments or concerns. No marine life was harmed in the production of this story.