Dino Fumble

131212_162521Nobody could understand why the paleontologist was laughing as the crew stood on the deck of the ship, peering over the side. Small bubbles still rose to the surface where the priceless piece of stone had disappeared into the depths. The rock had been cut away to expose the fossilized bones of the small dinosaur, while its shape suggested natural curves.

It had been slated for a display in the San Diego Museum of Natural History, but now it sank “like a stone” to the bottom of the ocean off the California coast because one of the two men moving it across the deck tripped and fumbled it over the side.

Someone finally broke out of their shock and asked, “Drake, what’s so funny?”

The paleontologist was doubled over with laughter, and looked up through teary eyes, pointing over the side, barely able to form words through his hysterics. “-isn’t indigenous to anywhere within a thousand miles,” he struggled through the laughter. “Gonna confuse the crap out of someone someday!”


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