A Computer Message

Okay, so I tHink my laptop is mad at mE. LatelY, when I siT down to write, the fanS start whining and there’s this obnoxious, mind numbing… oh, Yeah, there it is nOw…

It’s not a cooling issUe, I don’t think, because when I put it on my cooling pad, it still happens. That’s not the woRst of it though, sometimes it changes things around. I shit you not, my LAPTOP moves things around in my text documents. At first I just thought I was having a hard week with tYpOs or something, bUt then I Started to notice that things I would change, if I saved it and reoPENeD the file The next day, they’d be changed back. SOmetimes there are missing letters, halves of wOrds Missing, bUt lately it’s just been mostly strange Capitalized and bolded letters, often in the middle of words.

I Haven’T fIgured out the pattern yet, but I’m starting to think that they MEan something. Like I said, maybe my laptop is mad at me, I just wish that it Would communicATe with me what the problem is. Am I doing something wrong? I Can’t tHINk of anythinG that might uPset my laptOp, but again, I can only Read its screeN, not its mind. I wonder if it will work to just ask the computer to PLEASE STOP.


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