Why I shouldn’t be allowed to write exams

As many of you know, I am a physics graduate student and a TA. As a TA, I run two of my own labs and help out with the HUGE intro to physics lecture. One of my duties is to write the midterms and final exam for the class. I think, in part, I was chosen for this task because I am a writer… little did the professor realize what that meant.

In honor of finals week, the following two files are samples of the types of exam questions I wish I could write, more or less proving that I probably shouldn’t be allowed to write physics exams at all.

Final_VA is just the exam, Final_VA_KEY is the exam with solutions.





Also, if anyone is interested in the python code that I wrote to build LaTeX files for multiple versions of exams, it can be found on my github:


Edit (05/17/14): There was a typo in the solution for the last question, it has been fixed.


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