In Pursuit of Cookies and Progress

POCAPI tricked her into crawling into the cryogenic chamber by telling her that I had made it to keep cookies fresh, and that there were a few in there already. Now that I thought about it, looking at the bewildered expression that had been frozen on her face for the last week, I realized that she was going to be extra pissed when I woke her up if I didn’t actually have some cookies to offer her.
She would be fine, physically. The cat wasn’t fine after I tested the chamber on the poor hairball, but I had recalibrated all the sensors and tested the chamber on the dog since then. The dog wasn’t listing to the left nor making uncharacteristic noises nor any of the other side effects that I was seeing in the cat.

I built the chamber in pursuit of some uninterrupted time to think. My work had been at a standstill for years and it was time to remove all distractions.

I had thought that a week would be all I needed, but now, here I stand, a week after freezing her, having gotten nothing done but wondering about her.

Was she dreaming in there?

How upset was she going to be?

Was this grounds for divorce?
I’ve gotten no work done, I can’t think, I can’t concentrate. All I know is that if I wake her up now, before I’ve made my breakthrough, it will all have been for nothing and she would leave me for sure. Unfortunately, just sitting down and working wasn’t an option either. I had tried that, it didn’t work. I’m even more distracted without her around.

For the last day, all I’ve been doing is trying to muster up the courage to unfreeze her and deal with the consequences. I mean, I can’t keep her frozen forever… or can I?


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