A Moment of Pause

6076183There was a moment the other day during which every stoplight on the planet was red. It was only a fraction of a second, but it was the first time in history that all the patterns and mechanisms that dictate the changing of lights lined up perfectly to stop all traffic at a stoplight all over the world simultaneously. Those that noticed may have used that brief pause to reflect about how many insubstantial, little things connect them to people all over the world. People might have had a moment to wonder in awe at the beautiful and seemingly meaningful patterns that sometimes fall out of the chaos of independent systems. Perhaps some people may have just felt the need to smile at having been a part of this event that had only, and would only, happen once in all of history.

Of course nobody DID notice, because feeling like there are no green lights is almost as common as red lights themselves, and the momentous occasion slipped by unnoticed.



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