A Halloween List

In preparation for Halloween tomorrow, I’ve put together a list of some of my favorites among my horror stories to make your skin crawl, chase away your ability to sleep, or perhaps just make you chuckle and say “Oh Richard, you crazy bastard…”

This is far from a full list. If you feel like I left out an important one, please feel free to say so, or link to it in the comments!

Below you will find a brief description of each which includes its length along with a thumbnail of the accompanying art and a link to the story.

Thanks for reading!


ShadowMenShadow Men is just over 1600 words and is about a writer, Ein Willington, who goes looking for entertaining characters and gets more than he bargained for.

Shadow Men



Ein Willington also appears in The Man with the Crazy Hair, a 1200 word story in which an offhand comment on the bus gains him some unintended attention.

The Man With the Crazy Hair




Buxbie is 650 words. It is about a monster lurking in a child’s closet who has motives that you might not suspect.





At only 379 words, Sally is a creepy piece of flash fiction about a little girl and her doll.





This week’s post was called A Little Late. It’s 1500 words about a Professor haunted by his guilt over the death of one of his students.

A Little Late





A Distinct Impression is 5600 words. When Elaine finds a painting in a dumpster her life takes a turn. The painting is beautiful and skillfully painted, but viewing it in different lighting reveals a more sinister side to it.

A Distinct Impression




The Lumpy Duckling is my 167 word poem about a lumpy duckling that has a darker twist than its Hans Christian Andersen inspiration.

The Lumpy Duckling


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