6 Haiku




Here are 6 Haiku that I thought you all might enjoy. Obviously the first one is a lie, as evidenced by the following 5.


I do not want to

write any haiku for you

‘cept maybe this one.


Gravity is weird.

The metric will show us where

there are curves in space.


Black holes have no hair.

Mass and momentum conserved,

and charge, nothing else.


Light cannot escape

past the event horizon

inside the black hole.


Matlab will not run.

Mathematica is too slow.

Python does it great.


Tea makes life better

unless it’s poured in keyboards

then you may smell toast.


141102_203900Had he looked up from his phone when the hoards of people running the other direction in terror brushed his shoulder, rather than tweeting about how rude people were, things may have ended up differently for Jack. Since he was scrolling through twitter at the time, had he been following anyone that cared about anything other than posting pictures of boobs, he may have gotten, at least, a hint that something was wrong, instead of some light tingling in his groin.

He did eventually look up when the monster’s thunderous roar failed to be canceled by his headphones, but it was too late. Had Jack done any number of things differently, then the headline the next day which read “16,542 KILLED BY THREE HEADED MONSTER” may have started with the number 16,541 instead.

It would have been some consolation for Jack while his body was torn to shreds, had he known, that the image accompanying the headline would be the one Jack snapped on his phone and uploaded instead of running away.

The whole world saw that image. He was famous.