Reposting oldies

I’ve recovered from the computer related catastrophe and have managed to repair the dropbox links that were broken… as far as I can tell.
If you find one that is still broken , please let me know.

I’d like to take this opportunity to repost links to those that have been fixed, because nobody has looked at them in a while, and I like them… so there.



Tittle_AttractionTittle Attraction – Tittle Attraction is 4449 words. It is the quirky and awkward story of two girls brought together by an unlikely method of communication: writing on the wall of the restroom.


Distinct_ImpressionA Distinct Impression – (5600 words) When Elaine finds a painting in a dumpster her life takes a turn. The painting is beautiful and skillfully created, but viewing it in different lighting reveals its more sinister side.


Forgettable_FacesForgettable Faces – Forgettable Faces is a short piece of fiction, just under 800 words. It’s about an older man named Gerald who is out walking his dog when he runs into someone from his past.



Porpoise Problems – Porpoise Problems is just under 800 words. It is a piece of fiction about a girl and her solution to a problem she had with her personal pod of porpoises.


20130603-193839Magnetic Monocles –  (1500 words) In a world where the ownership of robot butlers is a status symbol, Magnical is the largest manufacturer and distributor of magnetic decal decoration for butler robots. When a member of the advertising committee makes a typo in the announcement that they will be selling a line of magnetic monocles, the internet community is outraged. Might it spell a swift and decisive end for Magnical?



Job Proposal – Job Proposal is a 1200 word story about a hiring manager at a mining facility on the asteroid 41 Daphne. Someone from his past pops up during his search for a new school teacher, this is the story of how he deals with it.


Rumplestiltskin 2 – As the title may suggest, a 4100 word sequel to the classic fairy tale about a woman forced to spin straw into gold who is helped by an odd little man who wants a baby. In this rendition, things work out differently, as our protagonist is the strong-willed daughter of a blacksmith with a quick mind and a few tricks up her sleeves.


Singleton Paradox – Singleton Paradox is a 8800 word piece of character driven science fiction about a physicist that returns home after a long voyage on an alien spacecraft following a catastrophe on his own.
Fun fact: Before this story I had written (an entire piece of crap novel, in fact), but this story is special to me, because it was among these specific typos and clichés that I first felt like a writer. It is also the oldest piece of writing that has made it onto this blog.



20130510-11310220130509-210231The Great Hat Caper – The Great Hat Caper is a short story (1600 words) about a man and some monkeys.


A Sunset for Iris – (1200 words) A Sunset for Iris is a piece of fiction about a boy and a girl on a date.


20130418-084926CROPA Story Washed Ashore – A Story Washed Ashore is a piece of fiction about a writer with writer’s block that goes on a vacation he can’t afford in an attempt to relax. In this 3600 word piece, the protagonist finds an unlikely way to unblock his writing.



Little Round Window – (8200 words) The Pisthetaerus is a generational star ship boasted to be the greatest piece of engineering ever created by man. This story takes place several years after the cataclysmic event that left Castor as the only living thing aboard, or so he thinks.


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