Portland Adventure


Multnomah Falls

This last weekend my special lady friend and I went on an adventure to Portland!
I knew that I would like it, but I didn’t realize just how much.

Today my sister called me and asked what we did on our trip. I proceeded to talk for an hour straight, and didn’t cover everything. Point being, we did a lot, and I’m only going to hit the highlights. I’ll cover the negatives first because there were very few and they all happened in the beginning.


Rocking Frog Cafe

We rented a car and they gave us a Kia Soul. That car was horrible. Some people seem to like the way they look, I can respect that but disagree. It was pretty good on gas, which was really the point. My problem was that the car had a bad turn radius and the worst blind spots I’ve ever seen (I used to work valet, I’ve driven a lot of cars). Being able to see and turn around would have been nice, considering that parking downtown was not the sort of thing that informed people attempt and street signs would have been more visible if someone was trying to hide them. Those are all of the negatives. If you never drive a Kia Soul and you keep in mind that parking will be a bitch if you ever visit Portland, then they wont be a problem for you.

We ate a lot of food… so much delicious food… particularly sweets. We tried Blue Star Donuts, which was great.
We ate at The Rocking Frog Cafe, which I really liked. All their sandwiches were named after writers, the atmosphere was nice, and they had donuts that they didn’t make until after you ordered them… I wanted to hang out there all day, it was probably my favorite place we ate for atmosphere.

Pip's Original

Pip’s Original

Another donut place that we went to, which was amazing, was Pip’s Original. They also didn’t make their donuts  until you ordered them. I think that Pip’s was my favorite donut.
We were told a few times to try Voodoo Donuts too, but the line was always too long.
There was wonderful ice cream at Salt & Straw which was great. Though, it was so salty, that we probably should have split one.
Moonstruck Chocolates was a little pricey, but they had great truffles AND a box for chocolates… that was made of chocolate, which was rad, they also had tea from Smith Teamaker.
The Red Nectar tea that I got there was delicious. The next day we went to Smith Teamaker and got a flight of teas for a taste. If you are ever in the area, and a fan of tea,

Smith Teamaker

Smith Teamaker

I suggest this.

Not everything we did was food, despite how it might sound.
We checked out the Leprechaun Park, the smallest park in the world, and also (according to the wikipedia) “The only leprechaun colony west of Ireland.” There, our Lego people hung out with a Lego Leprechaun… there’s a picture of this somewhere below.
We also went to a bar arcade called Ground Kontrol that was exactly what I would imagine all bars would be like if Tron had been a turning point in American society (an alternate reality that I’m having fun imagining).
I had just finished reading Hemlock Veils by my twitter friend Jennie Davenport that takes place in a made up town east of Portland. I enjoyed it so much that we went looking for Hemlock Veils, but ended up on the wrong highway, because I’m a dork

Lego us with a Leprechaun at the Leprechaun Park (AKA Mill Ends Park).

Lego us with a Leprechaun at the Leprechaun Park (AKA Mill Ends Park).

and, as I said, street signs are not Portland’s strong suit. I still got a taste for how beautiful the area was and was not disappointed when a short drive to the east on 84 brought us right near Multnomah and Wahclella Falls. They were gorgeous and to call the trip to see them “a hike” would imply that it was much further and more strenuous than it was. Short, easy, rewarding; I suggest them both.
Then there was Powell’s Books… Oh my goodness. So many books. I thought I knew what to expect, I was wrong. Words can not describe how awesome such a gargantuan bookstore is, especially to a book nerd like me.

We did so much more fun stuff, I’m going to just flood the rest of the page with images. My end message, though, is that Portland is an amazing and magical place. Visit it if you can.

Pretty view from Mt Tabor Park

Pretty view from Mt Tabor Park

This sign was rad.

This sign was rad.

A flight of teas at Smith Teamaker.

A flight of teas at Smith Teamaker.

We have more friends in Portland than we do in San Diego because they keep moving there and not coming back... Now I understand why!

We have more friends in Portland than we do in San Diego because they keep moving there and not coming back… Now I understand why!

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