Hey everyone!
My blog was nominated for a Liebster Award by my friend Mia (She’s rad, follow her on the twitters: @triadvstrinity) in her blog post

The way it works is that I am supposed to answer the questions and nominate some people or something… I don’t know, it sounds awfully pyramidy to me. So, in the name of community I decided to answer the questions, but in the name of having a problem with authority and pyramids I decided to not push it on with more nominations. Feel free, instead, to see that as me saying “I NOMINATE EVERYONE!” if you want to answer some questions.

At the end, because this blog is a place for stories and these awards and blog hops are designed, ultimately, to learn things about each other, I’ll share a quick, true story about my childhood. Thus fulfilling both needs.

Mia’s questions were as follows:

1) If you met a genie, what would be your three wishes?
     I would wish the genie free, so we could be buddies and have a cartoon spin off together.

2) What’s the best joke you’ve ever been told?
     I don’t think I should tell it here… I’m not sure it’s appropriate.

3) Television show that let’s you escape no matter how many times you watch it. (Movie works too.)
     Stargate. I love Stargate, specifically SG1 and Atlantis. Universe was alright, but not the same sort of show.

4) How many WIPs do you have?
      So, my educational background is in physics and at Cal Poly, where I did my undergrad, there was a club called Women in Physics, which used the acronym WiP. My first thought when I see WIP is still “Women in Physics” before context convinces me otherwise. So to answer that question instead, I have zero. I DO, however, have one woman in astronomy… and she is amazing.

5) If you had to choose one book to read for the rest of your life, which would it be?
      That’s a tough one. I don’t know that I could do that. Can it be a collection of a bunch of other books??

6) How old were you when you knew that you wanted to be a writer?
      I’ve always been a story teller. I’ve been writing for many years. It was only recently that I realized that maybe other people might appreciate my writing too.

7) Why do you write?
      I already have a blog post about that!

8) What is the most exotic/grooviest (yeah, I just said groovy, you’re over it) place you’ve ever been?
      My brain hole is pretty groovy. I like living there. I did recently visit Portland, and I liked it there quite a bit.

9) What’s your writing pick me up? Do you have a certain food or drink or dance move that gets you in the zone and ready to go? (Singing at the top of your lungs is perfectly acceptable.)
     Writing IS the pick me up. Nothing is better than actually getting a chance to sit down and write, then knocking it out of the park.
LOOK! LOOK GUYS! I made a sport’s reference! (That was golf, right?)

10) What gets you fired up? (To be interpreted as you wish.)
     Being covered in lighter-fluid when someone flicks a match at me, I think, would probably fire me up (You said I could interpret it however I want…).

11) If you were to try to make it rain, what would be your go to chant?
     Rain, Rain, Go Away… because that’s how it works. :/

That was a bit of a downer as a way to finish this off… so… I’ll tell you all an amusing tidbit about my childhood, so you can all laugh at me together (see, I’m fostering a sense of community).

I grew up in Carmel Valley in Monterey, Ca. During the summers it got hot sometimes; I’m not talking about San Diego temperatures, but sometimes we’d break 100 degrees. At one point I was given this kid’s jumpsuit, I have no idea what it’s called, but I’m certain that it has a name (think gray, 80’s puffy jacket, but from head to toe, for sitting on the back of a motorcycle in cold wind). When I was a kid, I really wanted to be an astronaut. So, obviously, in the summer, left to my own devices, it wasn’t uncommon to see me wandering around in the bushes in my “space suit” which, of course, was a dirt bike helmet, that jumpsuit, and rain boots. I got hot, but I’d just pretend I was exploring the jungles of Venus… I probably should have died, because what kid actually thinks about hydrating? If the heat was giving me a headache, that was part of the game; that would happen on Venus.

One day, while wearing my space suit, I was climbing a dead tree that hung out over a bunch of berry brambles (because I, apparently, am very smart) and (Surprise!) the brittle, dead branch I was holding onto came off in my hand, dropping me into the brambles below. If I had hit the ground, that would have been one thing, but the brambles caught my suit and held me just far enough above the ground so that my little feet couldn’t reach. It took me about half an hour to get to the ground, but you better believe that, despite the wedgie and the gashes all up and down my arms, I took advantage of the situation and pretended that I was weightless.


Some things don’t change. This is me in a tree just last week… I climbed up there to tie my shoe.


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