A Judgmental Leprechaun


I caught myself a leprechaun, so he owed me wishes three.
We both knew that when he grant them, I would set him free.

Obviously my first wish was for a sizable pot of gold.
He yawned and stared at me, then said, “that’s kind of old,”

“The oldest wish in the book, me thinks. I thought you’d try something new.”
“Okay,” said I, “I’ll think of some’n else. Just give me a minute or two.”

“What about fame or power?” I asked, “can I have one of those?”
“Or maybe, just trim away this fat, so I can see my toes?”

“Sure you can,” he stated, “but are you sure you gave it thought?’
“Cuz if you’re curious, I’ve been asked before, and happy they were not.”

We went on like this for a long time, every thought failed to impress.
A toll it took on my self esteem, until I was quite depressed.

I tried to think of a good wish, I wracked my brain all day,
and finally decided to just wish he’d go away.


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