Weighed Down with Cash


Hey Boss,

You weren’t kidding when you said the armored car would be weighed down with cash. Though, it wasn’t exactly what we expected.

Don’t worry, we didn’t get caught or nothing like that. No, we got in just how you said, and we got away clean on the mopeds that your car guy hooked us up with. The guards weren’t no problem neither, we took care of them, nice and easy like always.

Now, you may be asking your self right now, why I’m leaving you a note with your cut of the take, instead of handing it to you directly. That’s because, as you’ll prolly see, I was afraid to be there when you got it, since you might be pretty mad. Trust me, we was all pretty pissed too.

You see, instead of being weighed down with just any cash, this particular car was weighed down with pennies. An entire shipment of rolls of pennies.

On the mopeds, even with all 3 of us guys filling our packs to the top, we could only carry just under $500. After paying your car guy for letting us use the mopeds and filling up the tanks, we was left with $20.50.

So, boss, here you will find your cut of $5.13 (notice we rounded up for your share).

Have a nice day,

Heavy-Foot Duane


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