Twitter Army

Hey everyone,

Yesterday I posted the following tweet.

I expected that I might get some silly responses and maybe a few clever ones, because my twitter friends are fantastic. I, however, was not prepared for the amazingness that followed. Instead of attending to the 100 other things that I was supposed to be doing last night, I had to draw them.

The following picture includes all the responses that I got, with one exception (to be explained later). Below the image you will find the original tweets.
I just want to throw out a few comments before we get there, though.
First, I don’t claim to be a good artist. I like how a lot of them turned out, but I promise, these weird looking individuals are not actually what I think you look like. This was supposed to be in good fun, not intended to offend anyone.
Second, you should go follow these people if you don’t already, because… I mean… come on… look at these responses!
Third, I’m sorry for anyone that was left out. If I missed a response, let me know.
Fourth, I apologize for repeating the initial tweet over and over below, I can’t figure out how to embed a tweeted response without what they are responding to; you’ll also get some other pieces of conversations in there too. If anyone knows how to fix this, please let me know… πŸ™‚

My twitter friends are fantastic.

My twitter friends are fantastic.

There where a few straight forward responses, though none of them are anything short of amazing.

Go follow her at @AlbrightWrites

As far as the one not pictured goes, @VoxVorago, I tried… I couldn’t draw that magnificent beast in any way that didn’t make it come out looking like a scribble. I failed. 😦

There were a few that might require a little explanation, so there are multiple tweets. Again, I don’t really understand this tweet embedding thing… so, forgive the ridiculous format.

The idea for @Angelinawrites ‘s character developed over a few tweets.

That for @kizzywiggleboo developed over a few as well, and I took a little creative license in making the character a giant with gigantic biceps…

Then there was @elastword and her “dragon.” :p

Now, some of you may have made it to this point wondering about the guy with the glue. That’s @D_Evil_Overlord . I know full well that he was saying to use Super Glue to attach oneself to a saber tooth (obviously). When I read it, though, my first thought was that he meant he’d like to ride a bottle of super Glue into battle, and the image made me laugh, so I included it.

If you are wondering where Richard on his woolly rhino is, unfortunately, he isn’t pictured, because someone had to snap the photo… or something… I don’t know, drawing myself is weird.

Go follow these amazing individuals, because we have an army now and @elastword likes stabbing things…

I leave you with this question: if you had to pick an animal (extinct or not) to ride into battle, what would it be?

Thanks for reading!


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