Christmas in Prison

XmasInPrisonIt was Christmas eve and snow gently settled to the prison roof around Kris. He only wore his thin orange jumpsuit, but the bite of the cold was outweighed by the pleasant feel of fresh air in his lungs and the peaceful view of the snow fluttering downward. He could get to the roof from the laundry room, where he worked, because there was a small exhaust flue in the laundry room. It was far too small for anyone to climb up, but the once-jolly fat man didn’t need to climb; all he had to do was stick his finger in his nose.

He came up here when he could, but escaping the same way was out of the question, as there was nothing even remotely chimney-like that ran to the outside of the wall. The roof was a great place to calm himself down when he was getting overwhelmed. From where he stood, he could see the entire prison yard, and, through several layers of high fence the edge of the forest was even visible. He was serving several consecutive life sentences for 18,543,231 counts of trespassing. His wife came to visit when she could, in fact she’d be there the following day, but it was a long commute and it was tough to get away when there where hundreds of out of work elves underfoot all the time, lounging around and drinking away their troubles.

Watching the snow fluttering to rest along the treeline, Kris noticed movement and peered into the darkness. It was a deer grazing on the grass near the fence.

Kris had an idea. He’d have to bribe Tully in the kitchen to sneak him some extra cookies and get the strength of his magic up a bit, but it might be able to reach through the fences. He just might be able to fly out of there, given some time.

“Next year,” Kris muttered under his breath, “next year, Christmas will be different; father’s coming home.”



Yeah, yeah… I stole the name of a John Prine song… The song is fantastic, but this has nothing to do with the song.

Merry holiday-ness everyone!

If, for whatever reason, you wanted a shirt, or mug or something with Santa Claus on it in a prison jumpsuit, those can be found on my RedBubble.


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