Lunchtime, lunchtime. What to eat?
Do I make a meal or find a treat?

I could make a sandwich, but I’m out of bread,
because through my grocery shopping I sped.

I could buy a burger, but that costs so much money,
or I could just down a spoonful of peanut butter and honey.

I could make some pasta, or perhaps a salad,
and I love soup so much, I could write it a ballad!

Those cans of soup, though, contain SO much salt.
Oh my, now I want a milkshake, or maybe a malt!

But the sugary stuff can’t be a full meal,
I’ll have to find something a little more real.

I could do some sort of breakfast food,
but to be honest with you, I’m not in the mood.

Behind the pickles and to the left of the jelly,
I found some leftovers, though they’re kind of smelly

Whatever it was, it’s turned into slime.
Ooops. I took to long; now it’s dinner time!


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