Invisible Dragons

“I’m dragging a bit this morning,” he said. He had no idea what the day would hold, but he was pretty sure that it was going to be dumb, whatever it was.

He had seen her shuffling slowly past the the bathroom door a few moments ago, but now she came back, and peeked around the corner with one eyebrow raised. “You’re a dragon this morning?!”

He was tired and felt like shit, but he grinned and said, “More like a roadkill gecko. Though, my breath might be dragon-like.”

“You’re sore?” Her brows were now furrowed with concern.

“Yeah, all over. I think I might be fighting something,” he said, returning his attention to the mirror and scraping the razor down his cheek, removing another long swatch of hair.

She jumped the rest of the way into the doorway. “Is it a dragon?!” she asked, excitement in her voice, “Are you fighting a dragon!?”

A crooked smirk crept across his face as he looked back at her, “I’d probably be more certain than ‘I think’ if I were fighting a dragon.”

Without missing a beat, she replied, “Not if it’s an invisible dragon.”

Her eyes shot to her feet. He could see her mind working this new scenario and knew that he’d be reading the rough draft of a short story about fighting invisible dragons when the week was over. Before the week could be over, it had to start, though, which meant he had to finish shaving and drag his ass to work.

He looked back to the mirror and shaved off another column of hair.

“you could have no idea what it is… if it was invisible,” she continued, “and I bet you’d be sore from that!”

Almost done shaving now, he used the razor to clean up that spot just under his nose that he always seemed to miss. “Maybe, but my throat’s a little rough too.”

“Oh no!” she said, taking a step behind him, so he could see her in the mirror. “Maybe it was a were-dragon!”

She waited patiently while he rinsed his face. “So, I’m turning into a dragon?” he asked with a laugh.

“Probably,” she said, grinning like a mad-woman, then turning and skipping out of view.

After watching her leave, he grabbed the towel and brought it to his face.

“Cool,” he said, suddenly certain that he could handle whatever the week threw at him.


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