The Greathelm Dragon Riders

greathelmlogo1distWhen word came to our village
That in Greathelm had been started
A guild of dragon riders

In the depth of my heart
I knew that I must join them
And become a dragon rider

My walk was hard and the days were long
But I knew it would be worth it
If I could join the dragon riders

I made it to the Greathelm gates
Just three days after I left home
And asked a guard about the dragon riders

I expected he might send me home
Being cruel and laughing at me
Saying “there’s no such thing as a dragon rider”

But he just smiled, wished me luck
And relayed some short directions
To the hall of the Greathelm Dragon Riders

As I approached the guild hall
My stomach began to churn
What if I wasn’t accepted by the guild of dragon riders?

My worry, though
It was for not, for I was accepted right away
To join the dragon riders

They said that I’d be perfect
But I guess that I misunderstood
what it meant to be a dragon rider

Now, after many years of training
I sit here with a dragon on my back
I the mount, he the dragon rider


You can listen to me read it here:


Join the Greathelm Dragon Riders yourself and get a t-shirt, mug, or some other gear!


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