Some physics problems

Hey all,
I know you wait all week with baited breath for my weekly posts for a relaxing mini-vacation. So, I thought, what better way to facilitate that than to share some physics problems?
As many of you know, I teach physics and astronomy at a few community colleges around San Diego County. Last week I gave the students in one of a physics classes (calculus-based mechanics) a multiple choice activity worth some extra credit. It was 10 fairly involved (though, far from impossible) questions spread over most of what we had done so far. They could use the text, their notes, work in groups, and had an hour and a half. They did fairly well. I was pleased.
Anyway, I thought a few of you might get a kick at trying your hands at some of the problems… and I spent too much time on it to finish the story I wanted to share today. So, enjoy!

The blank test: phys151_reviewsession_va

The solutions: phys151_reviewsession_va_key

If you’re disappointed that it wasn’t a silly test, try this one that I wrote back in 2014 instead:

If you are curious about the python code I wrote to compile different versions of my tests for me, it is available on GitHub:


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