The Queen in her Castle


The queen in her castle looked over the land
She saw hundreds of soldiers, each one a man

She said to her husband “you know what I want?”
“To own all those mountains, our power we’d flaunt.”

The king got excited, with questing to do
He rallied his troops and an army there grew

The mountains were owned by some other king
To make them their own a force he would bring!

“For glory,” he said, they would march far away
Then for several months from home they would stay

They cheered and they shouted, all ready to go
Then they marched for the mountains while the trumpets did blow

The women watched them disappear in the distance
Then held a meeting at the queen’s great insistence

She smiled at the women and winked at her niece
“With the men all off fighting, here we’ll finally have some peace”


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