Vilhelm the Vargr

wolf2b_smAs of today, my story “Vilhelm the Vargr” has been published by Alban Lake Publishing and is for sale on their Digitally Disturbed page!

You can find it here:

Vilhelm lives in a village where people turn into wolves for 4 years on their 18th birthdays. It is years after he returned to human form and he is laying his wife to rest when he hears wolves howling in the distance. They are no ordinary wolves, though — they are vargr.

Vilhelm the Vargr is about 7500 words. It is a bit darker and signigicantly more serious in tone than most of the work that I have posted on my blog in the past, butI like it.

Oh! and I also drew that cover. 😀

Check it out if you’re interested!