Rock On, Man!!


Why yes, I AM available to draw the cover for your metal album…

Per usual, you can get this design on shirts and posters and whatnot at RedBubble:


Careful What You Fish For


You can get this design on RedBubble.

A comic about Sonya

I have a lot of amazing friends that I have never met, never stood in a room with, and never looked in the eye, though I see them as closer friends than many people that don’t effectively live in my computer.

We all have our internet friends. For me, because I don’t see them in real life, most of their life is a mystery while aspects of their personality bleed through during our interactions. This creates a sort of personality skeleton, while most of their life and actions, facial expressions and tone of voice are left open to creative interpolation and wild extrapolation.

Sometimes this leads to an image of a person that is completely off base, and other times, as I learn more about the person, I realize that I had certain parts right from the very beginning.

One such friend, Sonya Craig, goes above and beyond in an attempt to spread happy. Her character that lives in my head demanded that I draw a comic of the image I have of her day-to-day activities. I think I got this one pretty close to reality.

You can either click here for a PDF of the comic, or you can enjoy the images below… or… both, I guess… but they’re the same thing.


pg 1


pg 2


pg 3


pg 4


pg 5


In reality, she is a fantastic writer (, a talented artist (, and great person to follow on Twitter ( and facebook ( I suggest you read her words, enjoy her art, and engage with her on Twitter.

And, to Sonya, thanks for being so frigg’n rad.